Welcome to Foxfire Lanes!

If you've never been bowling before, we're here to help.
Just mouse around the map below to learn everthing you need to know.

A game of bowling consists of 10 "frames". Each frame gives you 2 chances to knock all the pins down.
If you get a strike, (knock all the pins down in 1 try), you go on to the next frame.
If you get a spare (a spare is knocking all the rest of the pins down after your first try) in the last frame, you get an extra shot.
If you get a strike in the first ball of the last frame, you get 2 extra shots.

Vending, and Video games are available all the time.
When you are finished bowling, please return your ball, and shoes.
If you didn't prepay, stop by the counter, and we will speed you on your way.
If you need information about parties, group pricing, or leagues please ask our counter staff.
Have a great day!

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