Please understand that lanes are secured for your regular league time. League games bowled outside of that time frame are an accommodation, and at the discretion of the house as not to interfere with other business. We will make every attempt to make lanes available when possible, although we cannot control distractions as with scheduled league bowling. The house also reserves the right to combine pre-bowlers on the same pair.

Bowlers should know that we cannot service lanes being utilized by a prebowl. With the recent addition of the Kegel Flex we will be pushing lane maintenance closer to league times, and so must reserve the right to refuse to floor prebowls at times before lane service that could interfere with the running of lanes.

Expected schedule for lane maintenance:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5pm,
Tuesdays 8:00am.
Friday's time will depend on business, Saturday at 8:30am, Sunday 4:30pm.

Certain times are not available for prebowling:
Friday Evening no prebowl may start after 6:00pm.
Saturday all day, no Prebowling.
Sundays before 4:45pm No Prebowling.

It is up to the bowler to know, and adhere to the prebowling rules for their league.

All prebowls are full set. If bowler cannot continue due to injury or emergency they must notify the front desk of the reason. If the league officers accept the reason; scores will be accepted in accordance with USBC & league rules. Note: Whether scores are accepted or not; the bowler will not be allowed to complete the series once abandoned.


Note: Prebowled scores are for a specific league session (scheduled week). Once bowled; they cannot be tossed out, or moved to another session for any reason.

POSTBOWL (make up):
Postbowl may only be done for two reasons: A team making up for a missed set on week 1 (one) at the beginning of the season, or if league officers determine that an emergency or weather event prevented a team from bowling a scheduled match, and grant permission. Post-bowls at the beginning of a season must be completed before the 2nd league session.
Postbowls must be done in one session with either a full team or enough of the team to constitute a legal lineup.

When postbowling; bowlers must also adhere to the same rules and conditions as prebowls.